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Cora Speaks on His Future and the 2024 Red Sox Roster

In his first press conference of the season, Red Sox manager Alex Cora dropped hints about his future in Boston and provided insights on the 2024 Red Sox roster.

While not explicitly confirming it as his last year with the Red Sox, Cora strongly suggested it might be the case. Speaking about his acceptance of a one-year deal, he emphasized that the decision about his future would be a family matter after the season concludes.

Cora touched on the concept of potential burnout after spending five or six years in the same position, and with 2024 marking his sixth year in Boston, speculation arises about Cora being elsewhere next season. He expressed a reluctance to manage for another decade, citing other interests outside of baseball.

The prevailing thought is that Cora is open to exploring opportunities as a free-agent manager, eyeing a lucrative multi-year deal similar to Craig Counsell’s. Potential landing spots could be with the Dodgers or the Phillies, if either team under achieves this upcoming season. 

On a lighter note, Cora’s offseason involvement in coaching his son’s little league team offered a glimpse into the challenges of youth baseball. While he acknowledged the prevalence of a win-at-all-costs mentality, he lamented the interference of overzealous parents, expressing relief at returning to Fort Myers and leaving the headaches of dealing with parents behind. 

Regarding the team’s lineup, Cora addressed speculation about the designated hitter position, hinting that Masataka Yoshida might take up the role about 80% of the time. Additionally, he singled out Ceddanne Rafaela as the potential everyday centerfielder if he makes the roster.

Addressing concerns about an overly left-handed batting lineup, Cora remained unfazed, suggesting the team might still add a right-handed bat before Opening Day. He expressed confidence in the quality of left-handed hitters that the Red Sox do have.

In a nod to the upcoming Netflix documentary project covering the Red Sox’s journey, Cora revealed that discussions began midseason last year. Cora is encouraging players to embrace the opportunity, he highlighted the potential for an inspiring documentary should the Red Sox overcome the odds and win it all.


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