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Jhonathan Diaz Strong Over 2 Innings For The Mariners 

Baseball is back for the M’s, after a weekend that the Mariners played two games. The results weren’t great as the Mariners opened 0-2 after the weekend. Still, it’s just spring and plenty good to mention. 

In this article, you won’t read the basic stats, which everyone can check on the box score. This article will provide a breakdown off one certain player, that did well or deserved a better faith. Look for these articles to return during the season. 

The Mariners lost to the White Sox on Saturday. And while there was some good break down opportunities (Ty France, Casey Lawrence), I went with the Mariners starting pitcher on Sunday. 
The Mariners lost 8-4 against Cleveland on Sunday. However, Jhonatan Diaz, made an impression in his quest for a job. 

Jhonathan Diaz: 2IP, 0H, 0R, 0BB, 4K

Diaz looked strong in his spring opener for the Mariners. Over his career, the 27 year old lefty, has pitched 35.1 innings for the Angels, with a 4.84 ERA. Starter most of his minor league career, he was more of a swing man in AAA last season. In a difficult league to pitch (PCL), he pitched to a decent 4.55 ERA over 87 innings. 

The Mariners signed the lefty on January 9th this year, on a minor league deal. So, Diaz tried to make an impression. And he did! How? Let’s break it down: 

Diaz opening his first inning with a strikeout against the lefty Estevan Florial. He opened with a fastball in, which Florial fouled off. 

After that fastball he went to his slider. Got a swing and miss to go up 0-2. After a miss and foul ball, he tried to dot the outside corner and just missed to go to 2-2. He ended the at bat with a nasty slider that got a swing and a miss.

One out. 

Tyler Freeman flied out for the second out on the fastball. Freeman just got under it, but made some loud contact. 

Two outs. 

He faced another lefty to end the inning with a strikeout. Will Brennan took an outside corner fastball for strike one. Diaz just missed low for ball one and got a foul ball as he spotted the fastball well inside to go up 1-2. 

After his slider slipped out of his hand and went up and in, he followed it up with his first good one of the at bat to get a swing and miss. Nice sequence there with fastballs spotted at different corners, before going to his out pitch for the K. 

A strong first, where you can see Diaz his game plan. Spotting fastballs with low velo (90.1 avg fastball velo last year). He used all corners of the zone for his fastball and used his slider nicely in between. 

Second inning:

Diaz faced all righties in the second inning, a perfect spot to feature his change up more. 

Over his major league career, Diaz had a huge gap between lefties and righties. The lefties had a .454 OPS against Diaz, while the righties had a .935 OPS against him. While it’s just spring training, it’s not “just” spring training for Diaz who wants to make an impression. A good test for the lefty from Venezuela. Let’s see how he did: 

Diaz opened against Gabriel Arias with a fastball running inside for a foul ball. He followed it up with his first change up, spotted well on the outside corner to get a swing and a miss. 

After a fastball up and away, he came back with another change that got Arias swining over it. 

Next up, Austin Hedges: Diaz made quick work of Hedges. Got ahead with a fastball in, followed by a foul ball on the change. Ahead 0-2, Diaz dialed it up with a fastball up and in for a swinging strike. Back to back strikeouts vs the Righties for Diaz. 

Last batter David Fry, who took fastball just low, followed by a back door slider to go 1-1. On 1-1 Fry hit one hard, but right at center fielder Samod Taylor to end the frame. 

A strong showing for Diaz, who mixed his pitched well. It was my first time looking at Diaz and while it’s clear, the hitter timing is not in mid-season form, I was impressed with how he controlled his pitches early this spring. 

Diaz hit a lot of corners and even if you don’t throw hard, that works. Gotta love the soft tossing lefties. 

Next up the Mariners will face the Reds at 1.05 PM Western time. Luis Castillo is the probable pitcher for the Mariners.

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