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Does The Rockies 2024 Lineup Look Different Enough, Part 1

There are less than two weeks left before opening day, and the Colorado Rockies are looking like a ballclub that is ready for the majors in 2024. The question on many fans’ mind’s is whether the Rockies have made enough changes to the 2023 lineup to foster a winning season in 2024.

At the top of the order on Opening Day 2023, April 23, Charlie Blackmon stood as the reliable hitter that earned him the designated hitter position for Colorado. Despite having to deal with a broken hand in the 2023 season, Blackmon finished at the leadoff position on October 1, 2023, for the last regular season game of the Rockies most losing season. Fortunately, the Rockies front office did not make that the finale to Blackmon’s legacy. Blackmon signed a one-year contract for 2024, which will most likely be his farewell season, and he will begin the year as Colorado’s rock at the top of the order.

Once we move on to examine the second spot, there is already some question about whether there is enough change. Kris Bryant is speculated to be the number two hitter, and it is a bit disappointing to see the highest-paid player on the Rockies expected to contribute to the offense from the number-2 spot. This would mean Bryant would pick up where Brendan Rodgers left off at the last game of 2023. Bryant in the number-2 spot could have a hint of DeJa’Vu to it since the veteran Jurickson Profar occupied the spot at the start of 2023 before being cut loose in August to make room for some new blood.

Third in the order comes at the start of his second season with the players in purple. Despite the Rockies having a horrible season in 2023, Jones did very well in his rookie debut. Jones topped out the season slashing .297/.389/.542 with 20 homeruns and 20 stolen bases in 424 plate appearances. This is the kind of player the Rockies are pointing to when they say this is a young team that has potential to come together in 2024. Jones came in fourth on the voting for the National Leagues’ Rookie of the Year in 2023, so there is every expectation that he can be the next generation player that will lead Colorado into the post-season.

The story of the rise of Jones in this club is a good contrast to the tale of Brendan Rodgers, and the puzzling choice to play this Rockies’ legacy at clean-up in 2024. Baseball-Reference projects Rodgers at .758 OPS from 354 plate appearances. This is hopeful speculation that 27-year-old Rodgers can give an All-Star performance in 2024 rather than just blocking the chance for Alan Trejo to shine more at second base. Rodgers was knocked out for much of last season after a shoulder injury revealed a need for surgery in March of 2023. A year later fans are wondering if Rodgers is going to deliver the .269/.328/.430 Baseball-Reference is projecting, and if so, then why is Bud Black thinking those numbers should be fourth in the lineup.

The top-half of the Rockies lineup has a lot of veteran experience, and one bright up-and-comer, but will that manifest into a dominant offensive attack for the top of the Rockies order? Read on in part 2 when we examine how the second half of the lineup planned will continue this strategy of blending the old with the new.


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