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No Woo-Woo for Bryan in Spring Debut 

Bryan Woo made his spring debut for the Mariners on Friday against the Rockies. Unfortunately for the young righty, it wasn’t the start he was looking for. Woo went 1.2 innings, allowing 4 runs on 6 hits. Time to break down the outing for the Mariners 5th starter: 

First Inning: 

Woo started off facing Charlie Blackmon and got ahead 0-2 with a 4 seamer in the inside corner to the lefty and a sinker up in the zone. Then came the cutter, that got golfed out of here, just foul. After a ball on the 4-seamer at 97, Blackmon blooped a 4-seamer in left field. Exit velo 66.3mph Expected Batting Average: .910 

With Blackmon at first, Woo faced Kris Bryant who hit an outside sinker on the ground for a double play. 2 Outs 

Next up, Ryan McMahon. After getting ahead 1-2, Woo tried the forementioned cutter for the second time and it got hit hard again. McMahon laced it into center field to get a 2 out runner at first. Exit Velo: 111.9MPH Expected Batting Average: .920 

Woo faced Brendan Rogers with two outs and got unlucky there. Rodgers hit a sinker on the ground, but Polanco misplayed it into an infield hit. Exit velo: 81.4 Expected Batting Average: .050. 

It would have ended the inning, instead Woo had to face Eluhuris Montero with 2 on and 2 outs. It turned out to be a long battle, which resulted in a Montero double: 

Woo started with a slider up and in, which probably slipped out of his hand. Woo followed it up, going to his 4 seamer or sinker, which got one foul tip and 3 foul balls. After Woo tried to get the K with his secondary pitches, but missed badly, the count got to 3-2. 

On 3-2, Woo tried the sinker and got hit hard. Montero lined the ball down the left field line for a 2-run double. Exit Velo: 116mph Expected Batting Average: .830 

His first inning ended allowing a base hit to Bradley Zimmer on a 1-0 4 seam fastball. Although he didn’t hit it hard. It was lined into center field, to let a third run to score. Exit Velo: 78.3mph Expected Batting Average: .970 

It ended Woo his first inning, after throwing 23 pitches. Yes, it could have been better after Rodgers lucky hit, but Woo did allow some hard contact including the foul ball from Blackmon, that doesn’t register exit velo.   

Second inning: 

Woo came back for the second and was a lot better. He started against Charlie Blackmon(again) and used his bread and butter: the 4 Seam Fastball. Woo got ahead 0-2 after a called strike and foul ball. Instead of going for a different pitch, he decided to get back to the fastball. It ended up above the zone, but Woo got the call. One out 

Next up Kris Bryant, who grounded into a double play in the first. Woo used most of his pitches in this at bat, starting with a slider down and away for a ball. After sinker for a foul and a changethat just missed down and away, Woo returned to his sinker in about the same spot for the same result. Bryant was able to foul off a tough 4 seamer above the zone, which Woo countered with a change-up low. 3-2. 

Woo went back to his best pitch and got the swing and a miss up and in the zone. 2 outs. 

Next up was Ryan McMahon, who got to Woo in the first with a hard-hit single. Woo tried the cutter again, and again he left it down and into the lefty. McMahon made him pay with a solo shot. Exit velo: 108.8 Expected Batting Average: .980 

Woo ended his outing, striking out Brandon Rogers with 6 strikes. He got ahead of Rodgers with two called strikes. One 4 seamer and one sinker. He threw a bad slider on 0-2, which luckily got fouled back. He got back to his fastballs after throwing two 4 seamers that got fouled back. He ended his outing with a called strike on the sinker down in the zone. 


Bryan Woo, his outing didn’t go to plan. However, his best pitch last year proved to be his best pitch in today’s outing. The 4 Seamer did well, getting soft contact on the Balls in play. He threw it for strikes 15 out of 17, getting 7 foul balls and one swing and a miss and 5 called strikes. Solid results on that pitch.  

His sinker got hit hard at times, but he also collected a lot of strikes with it, throwing 10 out of 11 for strikes. Woo got a double play from Bryant on the sinker and Rodgers Lucky hit. However, he also allowed the double to Montero on the sinker. Mixed results. 

The slider and change-up weren’t put in play. He struggled with controlling both. Combined he threw just 2 out of 9 for strikes. Early in spring, Woo clearly needs to find the range with those pitches.  

Then, the main issue: The Cutter. Woo threw the cutter just 3 times. Charlie Blackmon Foul ball that left the ballpark and McMahon hits. All were down and into the lefty and all were hit hard. McMahon collected 2 hits on the pitch with a high exit velo and one for a homerun.  

Overall, it’s early in spring and no need to have any concerns. Clearly Woo his control on his secondary pitches were off, something he could work on. Plenty of time to work out the kinks.

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