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Rockies’ Hopes Live in 2024

The 2024 Cactus League is well underway, and the Colorado Rockies are giving fans a ton to talk about as they come to the first break in the Spring schedule. Colorado’s 8 – 4 record is something for fans to get excited about after enduring 103 losses in the 2023 regular season. Many are still bemoaning the loss of Nolan Arenado or the lack of consistent deliverance by Kris Bryant, but the sticks of many of the young Rockies are showing new and interesting possibilities that are much more worthy of discussion.

The numbers can be hard to follow in Spring Training because possibilities are being tested as the sure things are held to minimum game play. That is why when we look at the straight numbers, after 12 games, oddities like Jimmy Herron’s 1.000 batting average cloud the analysis. While this rookie may be giving everything, he can to grab some attention, it is hard to build an opinion on two at bats. What brings Herron to Spring Training this year is the impressive numbers he put up for the AAA Isotopes in 2023, .296/.395/.498 including 19 homeruns, and his ability to disrupt opposing pitchers evidenced by Herron’s impressive 33 stolen bases.

More interesting at this point is Elehuris Montero’s 1.000 SLG. After 18 chances at the plate, Montero has produced three home runs and eight RBIs. This adds to Montero’s chances for taking third base back from Ryan McMahon at the start of the 2024 season. Both Montero and McMahon offer consistent defense, but their ability to bring hits to the middle of the lineup will most likely be the deciding factor to watch for as the regular season approaches.

Another interesting batter building some early momentum is Jordan Beck .500/.556/.750. After 10 games played and 16 at bats, Beck is leading the team with eight hits. Like Zach Veen, who also has 10 games played with 14 at bats, Beck seems to be giving reasons why this could be the year to bring him up to support the second half of the lineup for the regular season. What is most interesting about Veen is his ability to steal bases, of which he is currently leading the Rockies with 4 SB, and that is rumored to be something Colorado is looking to emphasize in this upcoming season.  

It is also a treat for fans to get a peek at Drew Romo slashing at .308/.400/.538, though it is unlikely that this rookie catcher will unseat the newly signed Jacob Stalling for the backup catcher position in 2024. Romo is developing quickly in the minors and may be a better option for Colorado in 2025 after Stalling’s one year contract expires.

Spring training is a time of hopes and speculation, but it has also offered a good respite from the negative momentum of the 2023 and 2022 seasons for the Rockies. This young team seems to have management believing that the winning combination is still in here somewhere, and their 8 – 4 record may slowly begin to win over more believers as we enter the next 12-days of Spring Training.


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