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The Royals’ Mistake: Optioning Pratto is a Blunder of Royal Proportions

The Kansas City Royals, in what can only be described as a questionable move, have decided to send Nick Pratto down to Triple-A Omaha. This decision comes despite Pratto’s outstanding performance during Spring Training, where he showcased exceptional skills on the field. Yet, instead of recognizing this exceptional performance, the Royals have chosen to send Pratto to the minors, leaving many perplexed and astonished.

Pratto, a 25-year-old first baseman, showcased an unmatched batting ability throughout the spring games. The impressive slash line of .421/.476/.816, along with four home runs and only eight strikeouts in 38 at-bats, clearly showcases his exceptional talent and promising future. It is disappointing to see that despite his impressive performance, the Royals have decided not to include him on the Opening Day roster.

Manager Matt Quatraro’s reasoning for this perplexing choice reflects a lack of effective leadership and a failure to consider the long-term consequences. Vinnie Pasquantino is currently blocking Pratto’s path at first base, where Quatraro mentioned a potential obstacle. However, this line of thinking doesn’t quite hold up when you take into account Pratto’s versatility and the potential to use him in the outfield. The Royals’ failure to consider Pratto’s potential in various positions reflects a lack of forward-thinking strategy.

In addition, the Royals’ continued reliance on past regular season performance when making roster decisions is outdated and harmful. Despite facing challenges in the previous season, Pratto’s performance in Spring Training was exceptional and should not be overlooked. Given his outstanding performance this spring, it is obvious that Pratto has made significant changes to his game. To overlook this improvement and insist on solely evaluating him based on past shortcomings is unfair to both Pratto and the team.

The choice to send Pratto down to Triple-A is not only disappointing for the player but also a missed chance for the Royals to have their most formidable lineup. Instead of taking advantage of Pratto’s impressive performance and potential to make a big impact, the Royals have chosen a more cautious and unambitious strategy that lacks excitement. 

This decision could ultimately hinder the team’s success and limit their ability to compete at a high level. It is clear that Pratto has worked hard to improve his skills and showcase his talent, and it is disheartening to see that he is not being recognized and rewarded. By keeping him in Triple-A, they are missing out on a valuable asset that could help elevate their performance on the field. It is time for the organization to reevaluate their priorities and make decisions that will benefit the team in the long run.

In addition, the way the Royals have managed other talented players like Drew Waters and Austin Nola raises additional doubts about their capacity to develop and make the most of young talent. By placing too much emphasis on perceived “experience” rather than raw talent and potential, the Royals run the risk of hindering the growth and development of their future stars.

Ultimately, the choice to send Nick Pratto down is a colossal mistake on the part of the Royals. It demonstrates a lack of foresight in managing the roster and a failure to acknowledge and reward outstanding performance. If the Royals want to regain their past success, they need to take a lesson from this error and focus on talent and potential rather than relying on outdated metrics and arbitrary roster decisions. Until then, the Royals may struggle to keep up with their more innovative rivals.


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