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Why Resigning Zack Greinke is the Smart Move Over Jordan Lyles

As Opening Day approaches, the Royals have made a significant decision to strengthen their pitching staff. Considering the team’s substantial investments in free agents Seth Lugo and Michael Wacha, there is speculation about the possibility of the Royals re-signing the iconic Zack Greinke for his 21st season in the league.

According to recent reports, Ken Rosenthal from The Athletic pointed out that Greinke is interested in coming back for the 2024 season, even after a tough year where he had a 2-15 record with a 5.06 ERA in 27 starts and three relief appearances with the Royals. Greinke, at the age of 40, is determined to achieve the prestigious 3,000-strikeout milestone, being only 21 strikeouts shy of this significant accomplishment.

Although Greinke’s performance in the 2023 season may have been underwhelming, his career tells a different story. With six All-Star appearances and a Cy Young Award, Greinke has compiled an impressive resume that could land him in the Hall of Fame. Throughout his 586 MLB appearances, he has accumulated a 225-156 record with a 3.49 ERA, a 1.171 WHIP, and an impressive 77.5 WAR.

With the Royals making significant investments in new pitchers, they now must weigh whether Greinke would be a valuable asset to their roster. Despite some worries about his recent form, his past achievements demonstrate his value and potential impact on the team.

On the other hand, the Royals have Jordan Lyles for the fifth spot in the rotation. While Lyles is a solid pitcher, he may have a different level of experience and accolades than Greinke. Lyles needs to gain the veteran leadership and mentoring skills necessary for the younger pitchers on the team.

Greinke’s past with the Royals also brings a sentimental aspect to the situation. Selected as the No. 6 overall pick in the 2022 MLB Draft, Greinke entered the scene with the Royals back in 2004. He achieved All-Star recognition in 2009 and secured the AL Cy Young Award in that remarkable season. Re-signing Greinke in 2022 reunited him with the Royals, fostering a unique bond between the player and the franchise.

Even with the financial investments in Lugo and Wacha, the advantages of re-signing Greinke should be considered. His extensive experience, leadership, and potential to achieve the 3,000-strikeout milestone set him apart as a valuable asset.

With Greinke back in the rotation, the Royals have a seasoned veteran to guide the younger pitchers and stabilize the team. His ability to mentor up-and-coming talent while still performing at a high level on the field is a rare and invaluable asset. Additionally, Greinke’s presence in the clubhouse brings a sense of confidence and calmness to the team, helping to create a winning culture. As the Royals look to make a playoff push in the upcoming season, having a player like Greinke on the roster could be the key to their success.

Considering the Royals’ decisions for the upcoming season, opting for Zack Greinke instead of Jordan Lyles could strengthen their pitching roster and offer fans a sentimental and motivating experience as a legendary player aims for a successful end to his remarkable career. When faced with uncertainty, the optimal decision often involves a blend of skill, expertise, and a hint of nostalgia.


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