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Woo Rebounds as Mariners Shut Out the Angels 

After a bad first outing for Bryan Woo, the young righty was tremendous in his second start of the spring against the Angels. Woo kept the Angels hitless over 2.2 scoreless innings, allowing just one walk while striking out 3. 

First inning:

Woo started his outing facing Mickey Moniak. Woo started with 2 fastballs, pitching inside to the lefty. After going 1-1, he tried a fastball up in the zone, which Moniak got under to fly out to Julio Rodriguez. One out. 

Rengifo was up next and Woo started with a fastball up, which Rengifo swung on and missed. Another fastball, that went middle-middle, was hit on the ground to short. Two out. 

The third lefty hitter up to bat was Matt Thaiss. Woo started off with another fastball, which looked like a sinker on the inside corner. He followed up with another sinker that moved away from the lefty for a swing and a miss. Woo justed missed inside (which could have been called a strike), for a ball. Woo got the ground out on his first change-up that got hit fairly hard. Three outs. 

First inning with 8 fastballs (4 seamer or Sinkers) and 1 change-up. 

Second inning:

First Righty against Woo was Miguel Sano and Woo started with another fastball. He went up 0-2 with what looked like a sinker, to follow it up with his first slider. After going to 2-2, Woo struck out Sano with a fastball middle-middle. One out in the second. 

Back to a lefty hitter as Woo tried a fastball in to Calhoun, which just missed. He followed it up with a cutter which Calhoun popped out to 3B. Nice placement of the cutter up and in on the hands of Calhoun. Two outs 

Woo walked Adell with two outs, missed outside with the fastball three times. However, he got Jason Martin mixing up a little more secundairy pitches in that at bat. Eventually, getting a ground ball on an off-speed pitch, stranding Adell at second. 

Third inning:

Woo started facing Kyren Paris to open the third. Woo got ahead with a fastball/slider combo. After he missed on 0-2, he returned with a nasty slider that moved away from the righty. One out. 

Livan Soto up next as Woo missed with the slider. He got back into the count with a change-up, which stayed up in the zone. However, the speed got the hitter to swing over. After going to 3-2 with fastballs, Woo struck out Soto looking with a sinker that moved nicely to the center off the zone. Two outs. 

It ended Woo his outing who looked tremendous. As we know from Woo, his fastball isn’t the issue and it showed. He threw a lot of fastballs and the Angels hitters weren’t able to do anything with it. 

After Woo the Mariners got scoreless outings from Voth, Vargas, Llovera, Snider, Kuhn and Garcia. The pitching staff finished with 9IP, 4H, 0R, 2BB, 9K. 

Next up the Mariners will face the Cubs with Mariners top pitching prospect Emerson Hancock making the start. Look forward to another outing Breakdown tomorrow on the 24 year old start! 

Disclaimer: Unfortunately, I couldn’t see Velo on the screen and Baseball Savant did not have their info on this game, so I might be wrong with my guesses of the pitches Woo threw. 

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