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Kansas City Royals Make Moves: Acquire Selby, Sign Davies

The Kansas City Royals have been making significant acquisitions through trades and free agency in order to bolster their pitching depth. This has been the focus of their efforts. The Royals, who have gotten off to a strong start in the season, are looking to strengthen their squad in order to compete in the American League Central division, which is known for its intense level of competition.

The Royals made an announcement regarding a deal they were going to make with the Pittsburgh Pirates. They acquired Colin Selby, a right-handed pitcher, in exchange for Connor Oliver, a left-handed pitcher in the minor leagues. Selby, a 2018 sixteenth-round pick by the Pirates, might aid the Royals in strengthening their pitching staff. Selby has shown promise, particularly with his ability to rack up strikeouts and induce ground balls, despite the fact that he has had some difficulties with control while playing baseball. The Royals’ coaching staff will be able to get a better look at the 26-year-old player’s abilities with the help of Triple-A Omaha, where he will begin his career.

The Royals have made the decision to send left-handed pitcher Josh Taylor to the 60-day disabled list in order to make Selby on the 40-man roster. This move is part of a corresponding move that the Royals have made. Taylor, who was traded to the Royals from the Red Sox the previous year, has been plagued by a string of unlucky injuries, including shoulder impingement and back troubles. This move exemplifies the Royals’ commitment to efficiently managing their squad and placing a high priority on the well-being and performance of their players.

In addition, the Royals have made a noteworthy move by agreeing to a minor league contract with Zach Davies, a veteran starting pitcher who has a lot of experience. The addition of Davies, a client of the Boras Corporation, strengthens the Royals’ pitching rotation by giving the group a wealth of depth and experience. Despite the fact that Davies had a rough time during exhibition play with the Nationals this spring and that he encountered issues during the 2023 season with the Diamondbacks, he has demonstrated the ability to pitch solid innings, particularly in the earlier stages of his career. With a lengthy career that includes 200 starts and a 4.36 earned run average in over 1,000 innings pitched, Davies provides the Royals with a reliable option as they handle the hurdles that come with a lengthy baseball season.

The fact that the Royals have taken a proactive approach to managing their roster is demonstrated by the fact that they have included Selby and Davies on their roster. The Royals are determined to maintain their momentum and remain competitive in a division that is difficult to play in. Their pitching staff has gotten off to a strong start this season, with notable performances coming from Cole Ragans, Brady Singer, Seth Lugo, Michael Wacha, and Alec Marsh. Additionally, the Royals have a good rotation in Omaha, which includes both Daniel Lynch and Jonathan Bowlan, which will assist them in dealing with any potential difficulties that may materialize.

Generally speaking, these moves are an indication that the Royals are committed to putting together a powerful club and addressing areas that need improvement in order to contend in the American League Central. The Royals have the ability to make a significant impression in the upcoming season since they have a combination of established players and guys who are on the verge of becoming stars. It is a significant move that brings them closer to achieving their goals, and the inclusion of Selby and Davies is particularly significant.


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