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Latest On A’s Stadium Plan

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Reads like a puff piece put out by Fishers/MLB’s PR department.

The proposed corporate welfare subsidies to build a proposed stadium in Las Vegas for the A’s have been challenged on multiple issues by the ‘Save our Schools” group.

1) It was passed in secret in the middle of the night in violation of Nevada’s own Constitution prohibiting public funding of private businesses with taxpayer funds without a public vote of the citizens of Nevada.

2) The Nevada State Legislature also violated their own Constitution that requires a two-thirds majority vote in both Nevada’s Assembly and Senate to pass, rather than a standard majority vote, because that’s how the state is supposed to treat legislation that uses or appropriates public revenue for private for profit purposes..

3)The suit also claims SB1 doesn’t satisfy requirements to provide cost calculations and that the state is going to wrongly assume debts from Clark County, where Las Vegas is situated.

Fisher is the worst Owner in American sports.
According to press reports, Fisher got the A’s in a “backroom deal” involving former MLB Commissioner
and fraternity drinking buddies Bud Selig, Wolfe and Fisher,
Selig, allegedly, lied to Reggie Jackson and his Investors (Bill Gates, Paul Allen and John McCaw) scuttling their much stronger financial deal for the A’s
Joe Lacob already offered to buy the A’s, build the A’s a new privately financed baseball stadium in the SF Bay Area and keep Fisher on as a minority partner.

According to Lacob, if Fisher had taken Lacob up on his offer, then Fisher would have also acquired a lucrative partnership interest in the Golden State Warriors back before they became a dynastic championship franchise.

Fisher getting minority partners in the A’s is a pipe dream after Fisher’s terrible track record in mismanaging the A’s in Oakland

Fisher. allegedly, took control of one of the most iconic, decorated MLB franchises in MLB history (The Oakland A’s) and ran it into the ground either on purpose or, perhaps, because Fisher has always been in “over his head” as an MLB Owner.

Any successful businessperson with substantial wealth who will be asked by Fisher and MLB to fork over hundreds of millions of dollars to up to a billion dollars of their own cash and credit is not going play 2nd fiddle to Fisher in an A’s Ownership Group.

A potential major investor in the A’s will want ownership and control of the A’s. Otherwise, why would they even bother tying up a 500M to 1B dollars of their own money and give Fisher, a terrible businessman and the worst Owner in professional sports, “carte blanche” to mismanage the A’s and their investment?!

As for Fisher’s alleged “family money”?!
It is his father’s and family’s money and Fisher is not in control of it.
If Fisher had control of his father’s and family’s money, then Fisher could have financially qualified for either the Oakland Jack London Square 12 billion dollar, much more lucrative stadium and real estate development deal or the new Coliseum stadium proposed deal in the parking lot of the present Oakland Coliseum,
Fisher. allegedly, could not come up with the cash and/or credit for either of those deals.

And, even the Mayor of Las Vegas and the Nevada Legislature are very skeptical that Fisher can even come up with his share of a much smaller proposed A’s stadium deal.
That is why the Nevada Legislature deal contains the words
financing for the A’s OR for an MLB Expansion team.

Las Vegas and Nevada Officals are not stupid.
They are correctly skeptical that Fisher can put together the cash, credit and financing for his share of the proposed A’s stadium on the strip in Las Vegas ( a much smaller deal than the deals proposed in Oakland).


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