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Mets Fans Can Come in Off The Ledge For A While

Remember April 4th? It was before the East coast earthquake and the 2024 total eclipse madness. You may have already forgotten that the Mets had a season record for a few hours of 0-5 prior to winning the second game of a single admission doubleheader at Citi Field. Ok maybe not. But only a week ago collectively, the entire Mets fan base had moved out onto the window ledge regarding the 2024 season. There’s good news to report a week later and Mets fans can go back inside at least for a while.

Baseball seasons are filled with ups and downs. Good teams have more ups than downs, and bad teams have more downs than ups. It’s not been determined if the 2024 Mets are a good team or a bad team, but if the first two weeks of the season are any predictor of future performance, the Mets look like they will be… confounding.   

Things that must be improved

That the Mets need to pitch well and hit with more consistency (something they have done better over the past week), other aspects of their overall game will need to get better if the Mets hope to snag a wild card spot or better.

Starting with the Mets defense vs. the running game, which been dismal. Through the first 11 games the Mets allowed 21 steals, the most in MLB. It’s not all on Francisco Alvarez, who has thrown the ball well, but has been a bit slow on the transfer. Backup catcher Omar Narvaez is playing more regularly since Alvarez has been a bit dinged up, and he’s allowed 11 stolen bases all by himself. Narvaez’s arm weakness is a bit alarming. Narvaez has been an above-average defender over his career so there’s hope he’ll revert to his better self.

The Met pitchers have not helped much by holding runners closer to first base. That can be improved on overall pitching staff basis, and it’s not been Adam Ottovino who has been the main transgressor. Added to all that is that the Mets have played aggressive teams on the bases that have a lot of team speed. Braves’ Ronald Acuna looks like a stolen base just waiting to happen. The pitching staff doesn’t have to be great at holding runners on, but they can be better.

Since we’re talking about defense, let’s not forget that the Mets defense so far has been average at best. 10 errors in the first 11 games, is not what David Stearns had in mind. Brandon Nimmo looks very comfortable in left field, but Harrison Bader has not displayed the Gold Glove caliber defense he’s known for.  The Mets were not a great defensive team last season, and this group was thought to be a marked improvement. That has yet to be seen.

Baserunning also could use some work

Baserunning could use some work as well. How could Harrison Bader be thrown out trying to stretch a single into a double two times in the first 11 games? He is supposed to be one of the best baserunners on the team. Bader has made bad decisions combined with good outfield throws that he did not anticipate.

The Mets as a team have stolen five bases and been caught stealing twice in the first 11 games. This includes Brandon Nimmo’s annual stolen base so that should not make you think this will be any kind of regular occurrence. The 2024 Mets were never going to be a team that stole a ton of bases, but Francisco Lindor who had 31 steals in 2023 has yet to steal a base. With an OBA just over .200 this season, Lindor obviously has not had many opportunities to steal a base.

Mets are showing they can come back and hang on

In the games in Cincinnati over the weekend and the series in Atlanta so far, the Mets have shown the kind of spunk that fans can fall in love with. By coming back from 4 runs down on Monday to win the game (after holding on), and not laying down after a 6-0 deficit after 7 innings on Tuesday, the comeback fell one run short when Pete Alonso just missed game tying double down the left field line with two outs in the 9th inning. Still, it was fun for the Mets to watch the Braves sweat out the end of the game since it’s the Mets that are usually doing that sort of thing in Atlanta.

It’s too early and too soon to proclaim anything about the 2024 Mets season. But fans who were ready to jump out the window last week can put those dark thoughts away, for now. 

Mark Kolier
Mark Kolierhttps://mlbreport.com/
Mark Kolier along with his son Gordon co-hosts a baseball podcast called ‘Almost Cooperstown’. He also has written baseball-related articles that can be accessed on Medium.com, Substack.com and now MLBReport.com.


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