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The Rays First 10 Games

The Rays have a record of 5-5 in there first 10 games. Is that a concern? Injuries and the lack of depth in the rotation have been addressed. Roster moves have been made but is it time to panic or look forward to the next season? I think not! Statistically speaking, 10 games is too small of a sample size to make an accurate assessment on a 162-game season. To prove my point that the season is not lost, I made a top five list of the Rays’ best starts.

#5 1998

The inaugural season saw the Devil Rays start the season 6-4 in their first 10 games. Managed by Larry Rothchild, the 1998 Devil Rays roster included two future Hall of Famers Wade Boggs and Fred McGriff. Optimism for the team would fade by the end of April when the team’s record fell below 500 and did not rebound. The Devil Rays finished the first season with a record of 63-99, last in the division. On a positive note, the 1998 Devil Rays had the highest attendance than any other season with 2,506,293.

#4 2015

The 2015 Rays would begin their season 6-4, as well. This Rays team would be more successful with an 80-82 record and finish fourth in the division. Two more wins than the Red Sox. This is also the season Kevin Cash took over the head manager’s duties.

#3 2010

The Rays and their fans were hungry for another taste of the postseason after their 2008 World Series loss to the Phillies. The 7-3 start gave the Rays a place on top of the division. This team never slipped below third place or more than four games out of first place. The 2010 Rays held first place for 94 days and finished the season first in the division 96-66 but failed to win the division series.

#2 2019

Like 2010, this Rays team began the season 7-3. The Rays instantly took over the first-place spot until mid-June. The Rays slipped into second place in the division and remained there for the rest of the season. Their 96-66 finish matched them up with the infamous 2019 Houston Astros.

#1 2023

Yes, last season! Last season the Rays began 13-0! The entire team had an excellent season. Even though the team had a great start, they ended in second place with a record 99-63 and were bumped out of the playoffs in the first round.

Does it really matter how the first 10 games go? The 2021 Rays had the best record in their franchise history with 100-62 and began their season 5-5. Seven Rays’ teams in total began the season 5-5 and three made the playoffs. The 2008 AL Champions Rays started 5-5. The shorten 2020 season saw the Rays reach the World Series for the second time. That team had a 4-6 start. To confuse you some more, the 2013 Rays began the season 2-8, worst start in franchise history, made the playoffs and finished the season with a 91-71, second in the division.

According to a Bleacherreport.com article (link below), only one team in the top 11 greatest teams of all time began their season with a losing record. The third greatest team in MLB history is the 1975 Cincinnati Reds and they began their championship season 4-6. Baseball is a funny game that makes no sense. Does a 5-5 start a reason to panic or celebrate? No, it is time for patience.


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