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The Mets Are A Mess! 

We heard this before. After a bad season, there is always next year. And when next year arrives for Mets fans, it’s mostly the same story, another bad year. 

This team is clearly a mess right now. After a series sweep against the Dodgers, the Mets fell to 22-33, a staggering 16 games behind the Phillies and 6 games behind in the wild card. Right now, only the Rockies and Marlins are worse in the National league. 

While the Mets weren’t expected to be a prime playoff team, contending was a possibility with the one year stop gap additions. But damage had been done with a high payroll and bad player development in recent years. The Mets had to pivot to the upside pickups, which honestly has worked in most cases but you can’t expect them all to go right. There is a reason you can sign them for one year deals and not having to pay up for years. 

It all started with the Mets losing their ace in Senga and not having their depth arms in Peterson and Megill. Early on, the Mets still had a good stretch thanks to a good bullpen, but the bullpen has falthered lately. Diaz is hurt, Ottavino and Garrett have struggled on Diaz absence from the closing role. Perfect timing right? 

It’s the way it’s goes for the Mets. When the bullpen was good, the starting pitching wasn’t or the offense didn’t hit. When we had a good pitching performance, the offense was quite. When we hit, the pitching falthered. Good teams find ways to win and bad teams finds ways to lose. The Mets are doing that right now. 

It’s time to move on from this core. Trade Pete (if his fingers aren’t broken). Trade the one year stop gaps. I am excited to watch the young guys. The Mets have improved their minor league development in recent years, especially on the pitching side. Stearns gives young players a chance and the Mets have been aggressive in promotions. As a Minor League follower, I can see the future and it should get better. Build from within is what wins! 

So although this team is a mess, I won’t stop believing in the future. Soon we will see a major league roster with Butto, Scott, Megill, Peterson and maybe a guy like Vasil or Tidwell. Young arms to build around. Position players like Acuna and maybe give Luke Ritter a shot. And who knows what you can add in trades and next years draft pick! 

Corne Hogeveen
Corne Hogeveenhttps://mlbreport.com/
Mets fan from the Netherlands since 2006. As a European fan, trying to get to as many games as possible. Mets writer for MLBreport and Co-host of the Queens Connection Podcast. Author of Diary of a Dutch Mets fan


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