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Making Sense Of The Mets Roster Shake Up

The Mets made some roster moves before their Friday game against the Diamondbacks. Some moves more understandable then others according to fans on the internet. But to me, all made sense.

Narvaez DFA, Mets add Luis Torrens
Probably the move almost all Mets fans understood was getting rid of Omar Narvaez. As I wrote recently in an article, it was time to move on from Narvaez and the Mets did. 

The Mets probably waited until veteran minor leaguers can opt out of contracts, meaning other teams are tempted to get something in return, even if it’s just cash. 

The Mets found Luis Torrens from the Yankees and put him on the roster. Torrens had his best season in 2021 for the Mariners, hitting .243/.299/.431 over 108 games. Over his major career, Torrens has a .643 OPS. Although he isn’t much with the bat, he has shown a better pop time then Narvaez. Although his framing and blocks are below average, it’s still better then what Narvaez has shown.

Another plus for Torrens is flexibility. In the minors this year he has played C, 1B, 2B and 3B. He also played some infield in the majors and even played one inning in left. 

This was still more a move about how bad Narvaez was instead of Torrens.

Option Baty and Scott to AAA

Obviously hearing that Scott was send down was a shocker. However, with the London Series and a lot of off days, it was a perfect time to give Scott some rest to limit his innings. Scott is having a solid MLB stint with a 3.90 ERA but worth mentioning is his career high in innings in a season is 87.2 in 2023. Scott send down is because of that instead of performance. No doubt he will be back soon.

Baty lost the job to Vientos. Although his defense has been very encouraging, the offense has been below par. Time for Baty, who worked a lot on defense to improve, focus on hitting and become a complete player. That and Vientos hitting well made the move to option Baty logical.

Adding Nunez and Iglesias

The Mets added Dedniel Nunez, who I hope gets a long look now. Nunez has impressed me a lot since Spring Training with a big fastball and nasty slider. I truly believe Nunez will be a mainstay in the Mets bullpen!

The Move for Iglesias I personally don’t love. I wanted the Mets to add a younger guy that might be part of your future instead of the Veteran Iglesias. And I don’t mean Luisangel Acuna, but rather guys like Rhylan Bannon or Luke Ritter. Guys who probably are in a bench role if they ever get their opportunities. Those guys might be part of your roster next year unlike Iglesias in all odds.

Overall these moves are understandable and needed. The Mets couldn’t keep a roster with no back up middle infielder and Scott innings are going to be handled, this was a smart way to do it.

Corne Hogeveen
Corne Hogeveenhttps://mlbreport.com/
Mets fan from the Netherlands since 2006. As a European fan, trying to get to as many games as possible. Mets writer for MLBreport and Co-host of the Queens Connection Podcast. Author of Diary of a Dutch Mets fan


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